DWN Show 724

FINAL EDITION of the Season= Local Election Results, Final Panther Dugout Segment; Promos for Lions Bingo, Chamber Golf, Chamber Bowling and scenes from the Police Department's Fire Truck Pull. 


This Show is concise!!! The Panther Dugout segment is weather beaten.  Promotions for the Police Department's Fire Truck Pull benefiting Special Olympics, the 2 upcoming Duncanville Chamber of Commerce events of Bowling and Golf, some upcoming local elections information and scenes from the 1 Year Anniversary of DuncanSwitch.


DWN Show for late April, 2015 featuring Mayor David Green clarifying the Wintergreen/Main Street situation in response to an uninformed article, the Panther Dugout with DHS Baseball highlights and the Soccer Update Finale.

DWN Show 721

DWN Show for mid-April has Soccer Update, mostly the Panther Baseball Dugout Show, interview with ex DHS Basketball and Junior Varsity Coach Corey Johnson and scenes from the Panther Basketball Banquet and more.  Panther Sports Fan Doyce Smith is greeted by The Panther at a recent ball game.