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DWN Show 766

It had been awhile--before Obama, 2007, 15 head to head games, 4 Panther Coaches and I can't keep up with the # of DHS Principals since the Basketball Panthers defeated Desoto, but they did last week!!!  See the highlights of that game, the other 3 played by the Panthers and the 4 played by the Pantherettes.


The Holiday Basketball Tournaments played in by the Panthers and Pantherettes are highlighted in the HOOPS CORNER as both teams only lost 1 game each and the Coaches didn't always agree with the officiating as illustrated by Coach Self-Morgan during the Pantherette's game with Fayetteville, Ark. in the Sandra Meadows Classic.

DWN Show 764

It's time for some HOOPS as the Panthers and Pantherettes are well underway and you can get caught up what and how they are doing on this last Show of 2016.  Yes--that is a final score on the Grand Prairie scoreboard.

DWN Show 763

It's early December and the Panther Football team's seasons just now over.  This Show features the highlights of the Panther's game with Allen for the Region 1 Championship.  It's the final Panthers Den segment for this season.  These are the Panther Captains prior to the game Saturday at AT&T Stadium (Jerry's World)