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Panther Football win BiDistrict; Pantherette & Panther Basketball is underway and the Noon Lions Club had the largest Pancake Breakfast turnout in history.  See highlights of all these.

DWN SHOW Eight11

Another try to get all 21minutes--Football skinning Molina; Pantherette & Panther teasers;  Last PANCAKE BREAKFAST reminders!!

DWN Show 810

Panther Senior Linebacker Anthony Cruz expresses satisfaction after making an interception in the game with Richardson and his family celebrates in the stands behind him.  See that and all the highlights of the Eggle feather plucking here!!

DWN Show 809

Panthers give/allow the MERCY CLOCK to the W.T. White to help the Longhorns avoid a 100 point defeat in a 63-0 dehorning!!