DWN Show 817

Features the highlights of the State Football AAAAAA Division 1 Championship game and the one Panther Basketball game of last week.

DWN Show 816

Highlights of the DHS Panther Football team's State Semi-Finals win over the #1 H.S. Football team in America and an update on the Panther basketball and the Pantherettes' week.

DWN Show 815

Highlights of a Dragon Slaying in Frisco by the Panther Football Team the RE FUIL Region One Finals, Updates of last week's Pantherette and Panther basketball games and some Christmas lights the City of Champions.


This is Part TWO of SHOW  814--The contents of SHOW 814 are too good for just one Part!!!  Pantherettes and Panther basketball recaps of last week's games and the DISD Athletic Department Hall of Honor Ceremonie's highlights.  Go Below First to see PANTHER FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS.

Show 814 Part ONE

IN TWO PARTS THIS WEEK!!!!!  Part 1, Football Highlights, Region 1 Semi-Finals vs. Arlington Lamar and into Panther Basketball recap of last week's games.

DWN Show 813

See highlights of the Panthers' "harvesting" of the Lewisville "Fighting" Farmers in last Saturday's Area Playoff game, recaps of the Panther and Pantherette basketball games & info on the upcoming DHS Athletic's Hall of Honor induction ceremonies. 


Panther Football win BiDistrict; Pantherette & Panther Basketball is underway and the Noon Lions Club had the largest Pancake Breakfast turnout in history.  See highlights of all these.

DWN SHOW Eight11

Another try to get all 21minutes--Football skinning Molina; Pantherette & Panther teasers;  Last PANCAKE BREAKFAST reminders!!

DWN Show 810

Panther Senior Linebacker Anthony Cruz expresses satisfaction after making an interception in the game with Richardson and his family celebrates in the stands behind him.  See that and all the highlights of the Eggle feather plucking here!!

DWN Show 809

Panthers give/allow the MERCY CLOCK to the W.T. White to help the Longhorns avoid a 100 point defeat in a 63-0 dehorning!!

DWN Show 808

The Panthers take over sole leadership in District 8-6A with a "saddle-up" of the Richardson J.J. Pearce Mustangs.  Everything else was "rained" out!!

DWN Show 807

It's all Wet Panther Football as they skin the Lake Highland Wildcats plus some scenes from the 5th Annual Heart of Duncanville Run & Walk. 

DWN Show 806

It's the Panthers blasting the Dallas Skyline Raiders in the 2nd game of District 8-A play.

DWN Show 805

District 8-6A football started this week and the PANTHERS de-horned the Berkner Rams

Show 804

It's Panther Football again as they pluck some ECA Eagle feathers and scenes from the 1998 State Champions' Reunion.

Show 803

It's Mid-September with some weather!!  See the Panthers' 1 Qtr. highlights and the 2nd half highlights of the 1998 State Champion Panthers.

Show 802

Opening our 27th Year bringing the Good News to the City of Champions--DHS Football opens with big shutout win over the Lancaster Tigers.




Two events in Duncanville warrant highlights:  The Duncanville Memorial Day Service and the 2018 DHS Senior Recognition Night (@18:25) where Scholarships were awarded.  

DWN Show 801

It's the Final Show for the season and has something for everybody to include scenes from Phil McNeely's Texas H.S. Basketball Hall of Fame Induction, the presenting/announcing of the Grand Marshall for the Lion's 4th of July Parade and recaps/highlights of the D.H.S. Sports teams for 2017-18.

SHOW 800

It's mid/May and we wind down another year with Local Election Results & Runoff info along with the final Panther Dugout Show.

Show 799

It's late April/Early May with Baseball, Softball, Local Politics and Basketball Banquets. See Highlights of them all right here!!!

Show 798

It's mid-April and Cathy Self-Morgan has been honored/recognized 3 times so far this year:  earlier this year, the DISD Athletics Hall of Honor and two more this month:  the naming of the street between Cedar Ridge and Greenstone to Cathy Self-Morgan Way and her induction into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. See highlights of CS-M's last two recognitions along with The Panther Dugout Show featuring the DHS Panther Baseball team.

Show 797

PANTHER BASEBALL SENIORS POSE FOR PHOTO as the DHS Baseball team is in the middle District play.  See highlights of the last 5 PANTHER games & get Duncanville City election info & see scenes from the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce FLAVOR of DUNCANVILLE EVENT.

DWN Show 796

Yes, it's baseball time and the DHS PANTHERS are into their season. Get up-to-date on their games thus far and look ahead to coming games AND see highlights of the PANTHERETTE Banquet.  That's Panther Hector Cron getting set to hit a 4 bagger last week!!

Show 795

It's over!!  DHS Basketball is finished for the season as both teams lost the Playoffs.  See what happened here.

Show 794

Last of February,2018---it's Playoff time in the HOOPS CORNER with highlights the last 2 Panther regular season games and the first 2 Pantherette Playoff games and look ahead to the upcoming games for both teams.

DWN Show 793

An interview with Duncanville Athletic Director Clint Harper re U.I.L. Realignment: Highlights of the last 3 Pantherette  and Panther games (yes -there's a little!!) and info on the Noon Lions Casino Night, 2018

SHOW 792

The Man and Woman of the Year and other Duncanville Awards are featured in this Edition.  February means HOOPS are trimming teams as the regular season boils down and it looks the Panthers and Pantherettes will be around for a while.

SHOW 791

It's the middle January, 2018 and we have highlights from the Class of 2017 of the DHS Athletic Department Hall of Honor Ceremony and the 4 District 7-6A Panther and Pantherette games.